This section will be updated as production progresses

The cranes will be provided byE&N Hoisting Service in Mt Clemens, MI

When Sem made the first call to E&N Hoisting Service the phone was answered by Bob. It took a little while to convince Bob that this wasn't a prank call. But then it turned out we came to the right place. Bob, who will be operating the main crane used to ride a unicycle himself! We will try to get a picture of Bob on a unicycle the next time we see him.

On December 30 we visited E&N and met Dennis, the owner.

we discussed the setup and took measurements of the man basket so we can produce an attachment to ride away from
checking out the harness and playing with their model crane

We will also schedule a test hoist in their crane yard as soon as the cycle is complete. Look for those pictures on this page in about 2 weeks. We keep our fingers crossed for good weather in mid January.